This website supports developing and implementing a curriculum to teach web development (as a bridge to coding) using AI tools.


AI tools like ChatGPT have entirely transformed how easy it is to learn coding and related skills, increasing the opportunity for kids to participate in an expanding sector of the economy.


After-school programs offer a unique venue for instruction as participation is voluntary, and no credential is needed for instructors. And after-school programs often serve communities with limited access to educational enrichment.


As soon as possible. A lesson plan is in development, and finding a place to teach it won’t be a challenge, given the overall interest in STEM and the hype surrounding AI.


My name is Julian Ware. I’ve been a front-end web developer for 14 years, specializing in what I’d call full-spectrum web production. By that, I mean that in my career, I have been responsible for nearly every stage of professional website production, including design, development, content strategy, SEO, accessibility, and quality control.

In addition, I also have experience as an educator, having worked for three years for an after-school and summer program in the Bronx, teaching an innovative digital music class and a video production class while serving as a group leader for kids aged 8 – 13.

I don’t have a degree or a career in education. I have an approach to education that aims to a) start at the very beginning and b) engage and empower students before they encounter a lot of friction. And as it turns out, AI makes this goal easier than ever for web development learning.