HTML Lists Summary

Lists are a good way to format information to make it easily reviewed and understood.

	<li>List Item</li>
	<li>Another list item</li>
	<li>A third list item</li>

Unordered Lists

An unordered list, often called ‘bullet points,’ is a list in no particular order that allows you to summarize and style information in a way that makes it highly accessible.

	<li>Run faster</li
	<li>Be stronger</li>
	<li>Think smarter</li>
• Run Faster
• Be Stronger
• Think smarter

Ordered Lists

An ordered list is generally a list with numbers that could be used to present and style instructions that need to have a specific order.

	<li>Open package</li>
	<li>Empty package</li>
	<li>Use contents</li>
1. Open package
2. Empty package
3. Use contents

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